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If there is something Sabrina and Ashley know well it’s the feeling of being nauseous. From a young age, Ashley has suffered from nausea and motion sickness. Even though it is a great excuse to ride shotgun, Ashley would prefer not to suffer at all, or accommodate her nausea.

Sabrina suffered from terrible nausea in her both of her pregnancies. The drug that Sabrina was prescribed did work well, however it left her exhausted. Sleeping and rest weren't realistic options, especially during her second pregnancy. Like many mothers during the pandemic, Sabrina worked from home, while caring for her toddler.

With Sabrina's experience in the pharmaceutical industry and Ashley's experience in Naturopathy, they came together to create an all natural solution for the treatment of nausea. After a few years of brainstorming, testing product, putting together ingredients, and meeting in labs, Sabrina and Ashley launched Lokhia!

Lokhia anti-nausea is an all natural alternative to anti-nausea drugs. The powerful combination of ginger and B6 has been carefully divided so that you can take up to ten chewables throughout your day to keep your nausea at bay. We also carefully selected 2 natural flavours to suit most everyone’s palates: Lemon and strawberry.

Whether you experience nausea from pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, motion sickness, car and seasickness, or anxiety induced nausea... Say Goodbye to Nausea, Naturally - Try Our All-Natural Remedy Today!

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