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    A Health Canada approved product NPN80113226

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    Recognized by The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists through their brand recognition program.

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    A member of the Canadian Health Food Association.


Take It Easy

Compact and water-free, Lokhia is your perfect travel companion. Easy to take anywhere.

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  • Dairy Free

    There are no dairy ingredients in Lokhia anti-nausea products.

  • Nut Free

    Lokhia anti-nausea is manufactured in a nut free facility.

  • Cruelty Free

    We do not test our products on any animals.

Women Founded

Get to know more about the founders of Lokhia by visiting our about us page.

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Can I give this to kids?

Lokhia anti-nausea is recommended for adults. This means the medicinal dose of ginger and vitamin b6 is an adult 18+ dose. We cannot give any medical advise so we highly encourage you speak to a medical health care professional if you choose to use Lokhia anti-nausea off label. We would like to remind you that just because something is natural it doesn't mean it is safe for everyone.

Can I take Lokhia while pregnant?

We are proud to say Lokhia anti-nausea is the only anti-nausea product that is recognized by The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada through their brand recognition program for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.SOGC

What is it for?

Lokhia anti-nausea is indicated for nausea and vomiting associated to motion sickness and sea sickness. This is what is Health Canada approved, however we recognize that nausea comes in many forms.

Is it non-drowsy?

Lokhia anti-nausea is a natural and non-drowsy chewable tablet.

Does it work?

Lokhia anti-nausea is Health Canada approved and regulated. This means that there has been extensive research for the medicinal ingredients to ensure their safety and efficacy in our claims.

How is it consumed?

Lokhia anti-nausea is a chewable tablet.

What does it taste like?

The taste of Lokhia was carefully made to taste AMAZING! There is a hint of ginger with a lovely sweet lemony flavour.

What is in them?

Check out our ingredients page for a full list of what is in Lokhia anti-nausea


Lokhia anti-nausea is
made with ginger which has been used as a traditional herbal medicine for centuries for nausea and vomiting prevention and treatment.*


We use the active form of vitamin b6 which is Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate. P5P is known for it's antiemetic properties (a drug that prevents or reduces nausea and vomiting).*




Each chewable tablet has less than a gram of organic sugar cane to give you an amazing flavour.


Acting as a natural preservative, balancing pH, and enhancing absorption.*



Used for as a natural flavour enhancer to balance out the sweetness.



Lemons contain neutralising acids, which are converted into bicarbonates, compounds that relieve nausea. It also tastes great!*


This is used for its anti-caking properties which gives the smooth profile of Lokhia's chewable tablets.

Can I buy them in store?

Yes we are in retailers across Canada. Check out our store locator page to find a retailer near you!

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Where are they made?

Lokhia anti-nausea is proudly made in Canada!


Because of the nature of the product there are no refunds unless the product did not arrive or arrived damaged. Refund requests must be sent to info@lokhia.com within 10 days of purchase.