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Imagine the freedom to go anywhere, anytime, without the fear of nausea slowing you down. Envision those spontaneous road trips, carefree adventures, and blissful, nausea-free moments.

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As someone who suffers from nausea in the form of motion sickness, and who experienced all day morning sickness throughout both of my pregnancies, I tried everything to find relief; from Ginger chews and teas, eating small meals frequently, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and prescription medication for the pregnancy induced nausea.

I could not find consistent, effective relief anywhere, besides the prescribed medication from my doctor. However it left me feeling exhausted throughout my day. Not really an option as a work-from-home, pregnant mother to a toddler.

I avoided going out to eat because of my food-aversions. I avoided leaving the house because driving in the car would induce vomiting. Heck, brushing my teeth would make me queasy. 

I embarked on this journey because I understood the struggles and discomfort that nausea brings. Motion sickness, morning sickness, PMS symptoms, and anxiety-induced queasiness-to name a few-can be incredibly disruptive.

It's no way to experience life.

The inspiration behind Lokhia came from the desire to provide a natural solution. We wanted to make sure that every individual, regardless of their dietary preferences, could enjoy nausea relief without compromise. Lokhia was born out of the belief that wellness should be accessible to all, and it's our mission to help you achieve a higher quality of life.

So, when you choose Lokhia, you're not just selecting a product. You're joining us on a journey that started with a desire to make a difference, overcame hurdles with determination, and was inspired by the vision of a healthier, nausea-free world. Welcome to our story – your story, now united with Lokhia.

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    Embrace the effective nausea relief without the fatigue!

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People Usually Ask


I have terrible morning sickness, is Lokhia for me?

Lokhia was created with YOU in mind, mama! We are recognized by the Society of Obstetricians and Gyneacologists of Canada, through the brand recognition program. We recommend consulting with a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

How long does it take to experience the relief?

It usually takes between 15 & 30 minutes to feel the effects of Lokhia's anti-nausea chewable.

Will Lokhia make me drowsy?

No! Lokhia's anti-nausea chewables are non-drowsy! So you can embrace the effective nausea relief without the fatigue!

Is Lokhia safe for kids?

Our current collection of anti-nausea chewables is made for adults 18 years old and older.

What is your return policy?

We are so glad you decided to purchase Lokhia's product but are sorry you feel the need to return it.

In order to be eligible for a refund. Your product must have arrived damaged or not as described on our website. If you purchased the product at the store, you must return it to the store where it was purchased. If you need to return the product it must be within 30 calendar days of your purchase. The product must be in the same condition that you receive it, unopened and undamaged in any way.

How long does shipping usually take?

Lokhia's anti-nausea chewables ships within 1-7 business days.

Customer Reviews

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in love

I receive this product about a week ago as a gift. I have been having issues with feeling nauseous for a couple of weeks now due to a chronic illness and I am happy with the results so far! Feeling as if I can go on with my day


Now I can get on a plane, not be sick, land at the other end and still be alert - game changer - never using anything else !!!!!

Amazing product

I was looking for a natural alternative for anti-nausea tablets… and let me just say Lokhia did not disappoint. Great flavour, it’s easy to pack when travelling and it reassuring to know I’m buying from a Canadian company that cares about their clients. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from nausea!

great for cruise

Thanks for creating Lokhia! I used the lemon one a couple of times on a recent cruise vacation. I like the taste and didn’t have any seasickness!


Great packaging, great taste, great product all around! Love that it’s chewable and great ingredients. I would definitely recommend for others to try!